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FARO Orbis Hybrid Laser Scanner

FARO Orbis Hybrid Laser Scanner

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Introducing FARO Orbis — the advanced mobile scanning solution for a faster and smarter understanding of the world. Designed with industry professionals in mind, the new mobile scanning solution empowers you to streamline project workflows, minimize human error and maximize productivity. Embrace the future of data acquisition with this state-of the-art mobile scanning solution, with stationary scanning capabilities, powered by proprietary Flash Technology™, unlocking unrivaled efficiency and speed for your projects.


SLAM Capture Mode: 5mm Accuracy, 120m Range

Flash TLS Capture Mode: 2mm Accuracy, 80m Range 

FARO Orbis solves the trade-off between speed and accuracy in an all-encompassing mobile scanning solution. Featuring the latest scanning technology and integrated with FARO Flash, Orbis provides high-class precision and scan density. Capture dynamic scans by walking through your jobsite with Orbis or attach the scanner to the included monopod accessory for employing flash scans of key areas, like complex pipework, in just 15 seconds.

Orbis PDF Brochure 

FARO Flash Explained Brochure

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