About Us

Welcome to MGS - Your Premier Geospatial Solutions Partner

In a world that's continually evolving, where spatial contexts are vital to various industries, MGS stands out as a forefront leader in delivering cutting-edge geospatial solutions across the USA. With our head firmly anchored in innovation, precision, and customer-centricity, we have solidified our position as a prominent distributor of Geospatial Hardware, Software, and specialized training programs.

Our Partnerships - Powering the Geospatial Realm

MGS takes immense pride in representing and distributing products from global leaders in the geospatial industry, including:

  • FARO Technologies
  • GeoSLAM
  • RESEPI By Inertial Labs
  • Stonex
  • WISPR Systems

We Navigate the Future - Our Vision

At MGS, our journey is steered by a profound vision to demystify and democratize geospatial technologies, making them accessible, understandable, and utilizable across various industry verticals. Whether it’s construction, agriculture, environmental research, or urban planning, we’re devoted to infusing each sector with the impeccable accuracy and efficiency brought forth by our geospatial solutions.

Empowering Through Knowledge - Training & Support

Our commitment doesn’t culminate at providing hardware and software solutions; it extends into empowering our clients through extensive training programs. With a firm belief that knowledge propels optimal utilization, our training endeavors focus on equipping our clientele with the prowess to harness the full potential of the technologies we distribute.

Moreover, our unwavering support system ensures that you’re never navigating the geospatial terrains alone. Our team of experienced professionals is perpetually at your service, ensuring that every query is addressed, every challenge is met, and every potential is unleashed.

Engaging with Integrity - Our Core Values

Integrity, Innovation, and Inclusiveness dictate every interaction and transaction at MGS. We believe that our success is intrinsically intertwined with the success of our partners and clients. Thus, we pursue a path where our solutions not only meet but exceed the expectations, ensuring that every spatial data collected is a testament to accuracy and reliability.

Pioneering Geospatial Excellence - Join Us in the Journey

Navigating through the multifaceted domain of geospatial technology, MGS is not just a distributor but a partner that walks alongside you, ensuring that every step taken is grounded in precision and reliability.

Embark on a journey with MGS, where spatial dimensions are decoded with sophistication, and every geographical data point becomes a beacon of infinite possibilities.